Chiastolite Andalusite Cabochons


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These cross stones of Chiastolite cabochons would make some incredible rings or pendants with a medieval vibe. 
They hold transluncency in some parts of it's cobochon body and have beautiful patterns.

A variety of Andalusite
Crystals of Andalusite containg cross-shaped inclusions of carbon.
Common in some metamorphic rocks.

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Aproximative sizes:


Note: the round cabochons are not perfectly round and may vary in it's diameter slightly.


-Chiastolite is a highly protective stone.
-It’s a very good stone because of its psychic resistance.
-It will protect you from negative energies, and it will help prevent your energies from getting drained.
-It will act like a protective shield around you, making you feel safe and secure.
-It’s a great stone to have with you when you work in a highly toxic environment, or when you always deal with challenging situations.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.