Hematite Included Quartz Earrings


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Whimsical silver earrings with raw Hematite included Quartz.
The crystals were carefully wire wrapped in silver filled wire and are accompanied by the mighty gold Moon.
It includes metals like raw brass, silver filled wire and stainless steel.
The ear wire is sterling silver so that can be worn everyday and by anybody.

While quartz is a silicate, hematite is an iron oxide; both crystalize in the trigonal system. The surfaces of the fine, well-crystallized platelets of hematite exhibit triangular growth steps revealing this mineral's underlying symmetry.
These very thin plates reveal a deep red color in transmitted light.

These long moon phase earrings are 9.5cm / 3.7 inches long including the ear hook but if you want them shorter please contact us and we can arrange a customized pair for you.
Despite being long they are very lightweight at just 5grams each.


-Hematite in Quartz or Hematoid quartz contains both the amplification properties of Quartz with the balance and stability of Hematite.
-It is a highly energetic piece that can assist not only in removing negativity but also transforming and transmuting this energy into a positive and pure Universal light of love.
-The combination of Quartz and Hematite balances the body, mind and spirit. It brings a unique clarity and understanding to the emotions, helping to understand the difference between an unconscious reaction and a conscious response.
-Strawberry Quartz also assists when Self Worth and Self Esteem are lacking.
-Strawberry Quartz enhances focus and concentration and would be especially helpful for those with ADD and ADHD. Those with short attention spans or have trouble completing projects would benefit from holding or carrying Hematoid Quartz.
-Use Hematoid Quartz for grounding and balance when feeling scattered. It can also be used to calm anxieties, panic and/or hysteria.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.