White Druzy Agate Cabochons


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Beautiful, white and sugary like these small cabs are perfect for winter jewelry bringing ice and snow into the mind.
Tearshape cut , will make for even more elegant jewelry.

These cabochons have an unpolished back and sides and are not calibrated.
Their thickness may vary in the cab itself  as druzy are not perfectly flat growing crystals.

First of all the name “Druzy” refers to the tiny glittery crystals that are located on the outside surface of what it calls a “host” rock, in this case, the host stone is an Agate crystal.
This particular crystal appearance reflects a notable geological process that occurs when water brings minerals to the host rock’s surface.
Then, when the water starts to evaporate, the cooling phase happens and the minerals are left behind to form and accumulate tiny crystals on top of the host rock, forming a layer of crystallization on the stone.
This naturally fascinating occurring process can take a very extended period of time (it can be a process of millions of years in the making !).
It is important to keep in mind that Agate is a variety of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline form of Quartz crystals, so Druzy crystals not only grow over Agate stones but also grow through other types of host Quartz crystals as well.
Moreover, Druzy stones exhibit eye-capturing colors, white, yellow, green, red, brown, rainbow hues, this essentially depends on the kind of host stone that is beneath the druzy sparkling layer.

Cabochons are sold at random and you will receive 1 stone.
Aproximative Sizes: 12x8x5mm

Color is not consistent meaning that not all cabochons from this stock are white but can have peachy tint to slightly greyish color as seen in the photos.


-Druzy Agate is an enchanting colorful and shiny crystal that helps you feel balanced and covered with soothing light and bright energy veil of total harmony and relaxation. -This glittery crystal supplies your everyday life with warm loving energies and assists you to diminish stress levels and feel genuinely decompressed.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.