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This shrubby plant, Salvia Apiana, of the mint family, native to southern California and having white, hairy foliage and spikes of white or pale lavender flowers is one of the most known and used plant in the spiritual communities.

From witches to crystal lovers and tarot practicioners this wonderful plant aids in the cleansing of tools as well as the negative energies that may exist.
If you are looking for a pleasant minty aroma and a strong energy cleanser for your home, work space, altar or ritual practice than this is the plant for you♥

The smudging practice welcomes courage, spiritual strength, love, growth, empowerment, and the release of stored emotional pain.


The burning of the herbs is preferably done in a shell to incorporate the four elements while smudging: water (shell), fire (embers), earth (herbs) and air (smoke).

Simply light the top of the wand, fanning air and let it smoulder. Move the smudge with the smoke rising from top to bottom along the auric body or walk counter-clockwise across the room you want to cleanse. Then ventilate well.

Our smudge bunddles are of medium size packed with the delicious aroma of White Sage.


The Native Americans used White Sage as a flavoring in their food and as a medicinal plant, they also used it to make "smudge sticks," a kind of incense.
Sage leaves were bundled together, then burned - the idea being that the resulting smoke drove away evil spirits and purified anyone who was present.
Traditional Algonquian First Nations culture used smudge sticks when sending prayers to the Great Spirit.