19mm "Herkimer" with Fluid Inclusion Diamond Quartz


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Beautiful and ice clear Diamond Quart with one of the most unique features in the crystal world !
This crystal is has also fluid inclusion in of it's points, better observed with a magnifying glass, but the chamber with liquid and gas bubble is there♥
With a little eye training it is possible to see this phenomenon with the naked eye.

Easy to create with them organic and raw jewellery in macrame or electroforming but they are also highly collectable.


Fluid inclusions are formed at the same time as the crystal, and should be in little to no danger of evaporating, unless damage was done to the crystal when it was excavated. When a crystal is growing, the different faces and sides of a crystal can grow at different rates, so tiny pits can occur in the crystal, and the crystal will continue to grow over these, enclosing them and creating the chamber for the bubble in which to form.
The hot, silica rich ground water in which these crystals are growing, then cools inside the chamber, and contracts, reducing in size and so shrinks, pulling away from the walls of it’s tiny chamber and creating a vapour bubble, which is what we can see moving when we shake the crystal.


They are not really diamonds but are a variety of double terminated quartz that embody a high crystal energy.
Diamond Quartz crystals are beautiful and powerful high vibration crystals.

These crystals were mined in Baluchistan, Pakistan.
They are sold based on weight. 

Aproximative Size: 19x11,50mm

Metaphysical properties of Diamond Quartz.